Blog commenting is probably one of the easier things to accomplish when I’m traveling. I’m using Jeremiah Owyang‘s tip of having blog ideas created in advance.

In my first post I listed my methodology for starting or rebuilding a blog. I’ve used it twice. There’s an aspect that’s more important than that & it bears repeating:

“It’s not all about you & your blog!

There is a much bigger world out there & you are but one voice, so you need to join the collective:

1. read other people’s blogs & comment – use a blog reader

  • get involved & ask questions
  • provide value & insight for them based on their writing & encourage them to grow

2. respond to their post on your blog if if your response is too long for a comment

  • make sure that you reference the original post & use their static link (people appreciate the link love)
  • this introduces your readers to a blog that you enjoy (a form of sharing your friend’s blog)
  • sometimes it’s wise to wait a day or so if it’s an emotional response – maybe pretend that you’re writing to your boss?

3. comment on blogs that reference you & your writing

  • use Google alerts & Technorati to see who’s writing about you & your blog
    • follow those links & respond to the conversation
    • it’s a great way to build brand
  • allow trackbacks & follow them

4. show appreciation for the sharing of knowledge by your network

  • utilize a variety of formats – Twitter, Facebook, blogs, etc
  • remember that it’s a group effort & we can do more together!

What ideas do you have for commenting on blogs? Have you gotten to know people through their blogs? Share your experiences.