Over the past months I’ve been answering questions, connecting people to resources & mentoring people. I love it & it’s really gratifying! But for some time I’ve felt that I could do more if I had people learning with each other in a focused situation. So many focus on the technology but we know that building community is about relationships & the art of fostering them.

As a result, I’ve put together two courses for community managers. The first will be for those working with external communities & later I’ll start one for those working with internal ones. My vision is to provide community managers with a course that will provide you with practical skills that you can use every day. We’ll have discussions about best practices & the ‘what if’ & how to handle it when it happens. The Community Manager position is such a broad encompassing position that it can be overwhelming.

The first course is for Community Managers working with external communities. There will be six sessions filled with information & the opportunity to discuss it.

  • Session 1 – The Plan – Strategies, Goal Setting & Metrics
  • Session 2 – Listening & Engaging – Brand Monitoring & Branding
  • Session 3 – Make it a Party & Recruit Help – Participation & Advocates
  • Session 4 –Telling your Story – Blogging, Networking & Collaborating
  • Session 5 – Attracting new members – Driving traffic to your community
  • Session 6 – Internal Influence – Wearing many hats & routing traffic

Facilitation – it’s going to be remote, of course!

  • First session will be one-on-one to identify goals & review your community
  • Remaining sessions will be conference calls with maximum of 4-6 per group
    • session meetings one per week
    • first session starting mid July
  • Access to a private discussion forum to continue the conversations & share resources

For more details, please send me an email at conniebensen@gmail.com 

*update* I’m getting a great response. I’m looking forward to working with you!

For those of you around the world, I’ll make adjustments for time zones.