Not too long ago I wrote about the joy of being a change agent. I firmly believe that it’s the community manager’s role to push the boundaries. Some friends pushed back and suggested that it wasn’t advisable. But I think that the attitude of wanting to get things done is part of the leadership aspect.


I have one of these pins. They gave them out at a library conference. I kept mine on a bulletin board in my office. It suited me!

Community means relationships and that’s as much with coworkers as it is with customers. Over the years I have learned some easy ways to initiate change.

1. If you can make a difference – do it! People will appreciate your initiative.

2. Don’t just complain about an issue, offer solution(s). You’ll be amazed at how quickly things will be resolved if you do some homework and offer the solution. (As a bonus your ideas will either be used or kick off the discussion).

3. Plant seeds of your ideas and grow them. If you have an idea, do some research and present it. Sometimes the adoption of an idea depends on the amount of change & how well you can sell your idea. After working with two library boards I realized quickly that it sometimes took many months to convince my stakeholders of the importance of the idea. This was a valuable time that allowed me to consider it from many angles and create a more complete project. It was always sweet to see it come to life.

How do you effect change at your organization? I’d love to hear your tips & tricks.