This week I’m making the trip back to the home office in Rochester, New York. Our newest team members from San Francisco will be joining us. It’ll be fun getting together again with the Techrigy guys!

We’re having a social media meetup in Rochester on Thurs evening at Label 7 at 6 pm. It’ll be great to reconnect with the local enthusiasts. Thanks to @susanbeebe, @markfrisk & @emiltsch for your enthusiasm & help organizing!

On Saturday we’re flying to Boston for Enterprise 2.0. It doesn’t start until Monday but it’s the first trip to the east coast so we’re going to do some exploring.

On Monday I’m doing a half day workshop at Enterprise 2.0 on Community Strategy & Connecting with your customers. They have a great line up of speakers so I look forward to attending & meeting people too.

Enterprise 2.0

More info on my workshop here:

Redefine Customer Communication: A Framework for Social Media Success

Monday, June 22,  1:00 – 4:15pm

I’ll post my presentation after. If you would like to attend I can find a discount code for you. Just let me know!

I look forward to seeing you in Rochester or Boston. Connect with me by email or by Twitter if you’d like to meet.