It’s been over a year since I posted my list of must have tools. Each time I get a new computer I have to install these immediately or I can’t breathe.

Here they are:

Evernote – This is my ultimate favorite, most needed application.

  • It’s a place to keep notes, passwords, etc. Items can be tagged & searched for.
  • Drag in URLS and images – perfect for noting sites/blog posts for future reference
  • It’s installed on each of my computer but synchs with my account in the cloud
  • SO all of my info is available on every computer I have it installed on!
  • It has BlackBerry functionality, so now there’s the option to record voice notes (I may need a larger memory card)

LiveWriter (only for PC’s – sorry) – My most favorite tool for blogging!

  • I write all of my blog posts in it. (note to Joe Cheng & team at MS – I would like this in the cloud & synching with my other PC’s too please?).
  • I blog to all of my blogs from it – here, Alterian’s Engaging Times blog
  • What I love about it is that it’s so userfriendly.
  • The best thing is that it plays nicely with Joomla (which is what the rest of my site is built on and I can update it without going into the backside!).

Snag It – The TechSmith folks have such a great product here.

  • I use it all the time to grab screenshots & toss them into LiveWriter or email.
  • So easy to use & add mark ups – LOVE it & couldn’t live without it
  • Betsy Weber is the most amazing community person at TechSmith!!

Digsby – A chat aggregator that puts everyone in one spot no matter their choice of IM.

  • aggregates Facebook chat. I wish that it did so with Skype too.

Skype – A great way to stay connected with everyone around the world.

  • This has become a must have ever since the geographical boundaries no longer mattered.

All of them are free except SnagIt.

What tools make your life easier in this digital world?