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I am excited to announce the first in a series of white papers on Social Media ROI. I have ten topics planned in which I will be exploring the versatility of social media monitoring and how it can influence your organization’s bottom line.

My white paper series will show how a social media monitoring tool supports business objectives across an organization. It allows you to measure your social media efforts and is a must have for every marketer’s toolbox.

The first topic covers how you can leverage social media monitoring (SMM) to leverage your search strategy. SMM can be a powerful supplementary tool to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for getting your web site ranked and found by your target audience. Every organization wants to better know their customer segments. Traditional market research and focus groups can be expensive and time consuming. Social media monitoring now provides a cost effective method to gain an in-depth sense of what consumers want and need. This whitepaper outlines how you can utilize that information to make your website(s) and Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns more effective.

You can download the paper here: 4 Ways to Take your Search Marketing to a New Level with SMM

You are welcome to sign up for the Freemium of Alterian SM2 and explore my ideas.

Questions? Please ask!  And I would love your comments & ideas!