Life is about change. As Community Managers working in this fast paced online world we know that change is inevitable. Frequently we are driving that very change.


On Sunday as I was driving back from the weekend I saw the Minneapolis skyline and said to myself, “I’m almost home”. It made me realize that I have adapted to my huge transition. Many of you know how rooted I was to rural Minnesota. After forty some years of living the good life on a farm, I moved to the bright city lights of Minneapolis.

There are some stark contrasts. I went from being sixty miles from Starbucks to a short two block walk! And instead of driving for an hour plus to get to the airport, I now have a twenty minute taxi ride. Flying out of MSP has also eliminated the extra regional flight to a hub like Denver, MSP or Chicago. I am enjoying being able to fly direct.

One of the most surprising things is that I enjoy having everything within walking distance. Having Chipotle half a block away is a bit too convenient! No thanks to my sister for that addiction.

And then there is the driving! Before 2010 I had no experience driving in the metro. I learned to drive on multi-lane roads (meaning 3 or more) in the metropolis of Fargo, ND, but that’s not much more than an intersection of two interstates.

I couldn’t live without my GPS and who would’ve known how much I appreciate the word ‘recalculating’?! After a couple of months I’m starting to get my bearings and am not relying on the GPS as much. I’m starting to unplug it now as the roads become familiar. But I still experience a sense of fear mixed with exhilaration when driving in 5 lanes of fast moving traffic. And I have learned to speed up at yellow lights. My sister tried to explain that one, but I am learning. Up north they only put traffic lights in 30 mph zones and they meant stop. I am so thankful that we have Minnesota nice happening here! Overall the drivers are pretty easy-going and don’t exercise their horns like in NYC.

I have finally been in town for a social media breakfast. It was fun to reconnect with my many friends that I’ve known for a couple of years now. It’s nice to not be in the back channel anymore!

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