When I say that it’s the third annual Community Manager Appreciation Day … they look at me like Really? REALLY?!!!

Yes, really! And the question is, who started that? My answer, Jeremiah Owyang did. (with a straight face). And I believe that we should have a day! It’s not a Hallmark recognized day yet, but organizations should appreciate these committed people who tirelessly work to make things better externally and internally. It’s not easy job!

So, I pondered what could I do for everyone? Last week I was in a meeting listening to Susan Beebe brief us on the Google+ Hangout that Dell streamed from CES. That got the wheels turning and I asked Susan to help me with the logistics.

So I put together some panels of amazing people to provide an educational, fun, networking event with no regard to geography.

Here’s the details & see you there!

Community Management 3.0 #CMAD

Monday, January 23 12 pm cst (10 am pst)

Do you have plans for Community Manager Appreciation Day?

     Come join our conversation on a Google+ Hangout and spend an hour

     with some of the most amazing Community thought leaders!

  • Chief Company Pinata & Cat Herder

Beyond a Day in the Life of a Community Manager


            Amy Muller Chief Community Officer & Co-Founder, Get Satisfaction

            Mark Harrison Community Manager Google Earth & SketchUp

            Patrick O’Keefe Author of Managing Online Forums, iFroggy Networks

  • No Matter B2B or B2C; It’s P2P!

Whether Business to Business or to Customer; it’s always People to People


            Jim Storer Principal/Founder at The Community Roundtable

            Vanessa DiMauro CEO Leader Networks

            Lionel Menchaca Chief Blogger, Dell

  • Evolving a Social Business

The Future of the Community Manager Role


            Jeremiah Owyang Industry Analyst & Partner, Altimeter Group

            Bill Johnston Director of Global Online Community

     Circle Leader: Connie Bensen, Sr Mgr Community Strategy, Dell

Want to join us?

Put this in your calendar:

  1. Community 3.0 Google+ Hangout ~ Jan 23, 12 pm cst
  2. Send questions for the panelists to @cbensen on Twitter or Google+
  3. New to Hangouts? Check out Getting started with Hangouts
  4. For the event, go to Dell’s Google+ page +Dell
  5. Chat will be available in the sidebar. #CMAD12 on Twitter


Can’t make it? The Hangout will be recorded and available for playback later.

**A huge thanks to Susan Beebe, Dell’s Google+ Guru!

Here’s the event info on Facebook (Join the Community Manager Facebook group)

What questions do you have for the panels?