imageIt’s exciting to see that social media jobs are mainstream in companies of all sizes! The role has evolved into a number of specializations as many of us predicted it would. And companies are realizing the value and hiring people to solve the business problems that the social web has created. The evolution and adoption of a profession makes find a job much more competitive.

The secret to finding a job today in social media is really similar to any other profession. You need to understand what the company’s pain points are. And you need to be able to express the transferable skills that you have  that will help the business problems stated in the job description.

What is important:

  • Experience – if you’re lacking in this area then try some of these:

Find a community in a vertical that you’re passionate about and volunteer there. Contact the admin and ask how you can help. Community Managers are always happy to accept help.

Search the web for internship opportunities. Many of these are remote opportunities.

Help a local business get started leveraging social media. (This may turn into a paid gig if you can show the value!)

  • Writing skills

Blogging will be your best friend to hone your writing and story telling skills.

Reading other blogs is a great way to get ideas, tips and further your skill set

  • Business knowledge and impact

This means the ability to show the value of your work in terms the business understands

For example, will you be responsible for building brand, lead gen, SEO or providing customer service on the web?

You need to know how to measure and show the impact of your efforts

Ideally, you will have proof points of this on your resume from your work experience

What is not important:

  • Domain expertise

There was much debate over this a few years ago. Today’s job market requires a solid social skill set and the ability to be passionate about the subject matter.

The subject knowledge can be attained on the job.

  • An amazing personal brand

It is important to have up to date profiles on LinkedIn and other social channels. (This is your profession and you should have demonstrable knowledge.)

Remember that the company is interested in having their business problems solved. If you have a great brand presence allow it to shine thru as expertise that you’ll provide.

What did I miss?

Have you went thru a job search recently or are seeking a social media role now?

What points would you like me to expand on?