There has been a lot of focus of late on how to become a social business. In fact I joined Dell back in 2011 because of their maturity as a social business. The story really goes back to 2007 when I had a phone call with a Director at Dell. At the time I was focused on the Community Manager profession. We talked about the challenges of how to get every employee to act as a Community Manager on behalf of the company.


Fast forward to the present and I have almost three years experience working at the most social business in the world! It has been a time of great learnings. I started with refreshing Dell’s communities and advocacy program. A year ago I started considering Dell’s content and shifted to optimizing our inbound content marketing effort. Change is always imminent and today I am leading Dell’s global social strategy, innovation and governance.


I was invited to present my learnings at the Rethink Marketing Conference in Oslo, Norway. Their tag line is rethink, review and react. This prompted me to really take a hard look at where I have been, where I’m at now and where I’m going…

Here is the deck that I will be presenting today in Oslo. It has special meaning to me to be back in my ancestral homeland to kick off this new chapter in my career. A huge thank you to @ArntEriksen, his Rethink Marketing team and The Thief hotel for the AMAZING Nordic hospitality! You can follow the conversation and reaction on Twitter and Facebook. I humbly propose to you, my readers, my next turn as a Social Bizologist. It comes with a promise to entertain you as we learn together about the challenges around Social Bizology (How to make a Business Social). Thank you in advance for uplifting the message and sharing it as you will. It’s my responsibility to ensure that it resonates and provides value.


I invite you to help me define this new era! Please share your thoughts in the comments.