How many times have you wished that various teams would collaborate?


It is an easy process to get teams to work together cross-functionally.

1. Choose the agenda for the group carefully. Make sure that it’s a broad topic that doesn’t have an apparent solution.

It doesn’t need to be controversial, but it does need to be an open-ended question that many people are interested in solving for.

2. Invite people from various teams. Invite them from the standpoint of their representing a specific area.

If you working to achieve editorial consensus then you could invite people from all the various properties and online publishing teams. These people will join in the conversation and take an active role in helping solve for the question at large.

3. Meet regularly (weekly or bi-weekly) and make sure that there is consistent participation from the group.

People should feel as if there is forward movement. Make sure that action items are followed up on and the ideas that are brainstormed come to fruition.

The bonus is to get attendees at the meeting to invite their colleagues and friends. Once people start seeing the value then they will start inviting additional people that are passionate about the topic.

What additional tips do you have?