I happened upon a meme-like post at social media snackers. And just yesterday someone asked about Evernote on Twitter so it must be time to talk about my favorite social media tools again.

My top 10 tools & platforms are:

  • Livewriter (am blogging in it as I type!) — update on Livewriter features
  • Evernote – the most awesome desktop organizational tool ever! I live by it
  • Facebook – my networking lifeline (I have a profile/resume in LinkedIn but…Facebook is far more useful)
  • Twitter – where I have ‘face-to-face’ conversations with my friends :)
  • Skype is becoming more important
  • Copernic – desktop search tool allows me to find email & files fast
  • WordPress brings you this blog
  • Digsby is a great chat aggregator – love talking to Facebook friends!
  • Snag-it totally rocks for screenshots! & blogging
  • Google alerts for brand monitoring

What are your favorite 10 social media tools/platforms?

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